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We provide professional expertise in roofing and leak related issues.

Alliance's roof consulting services are designed to help you maintain your roofs.

Independent roofing and leak analysis experts making a difference.

Our mission is to help you make informed decisions about your building, not sell you materials and installation. 

We’re roofing experts and we do not sell or install roofing systems. It means we provide independent, third-party information. From roof inspections to roof replacement oversight, we’re here to make sure your roofing system is what it should be. The Alliance Consulting & Testing team brings a wealth of knowledge to every project we’re a part of and because we put people first, we can take the stress out of your roofing and building envelope challenges.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to make the right decision about how to move forward. So what’s the difference between Alliance Consulting & Testing and other businesses out there? We’d love to tell you all about it…


With over 30 years of combined roofing expertise and experience, we can become your independent expert to help you make informed decisions about your roofing and building envelope issues.


Whether you need a second opinion, a court-proven expert we're here for you. We don't just see our customers as customers. We see them as partners.


Not only do we understand where you're coming from, but we understand where you need to get to. Because we have expertise in all types of roofing system, we can help you make informed decisions.

Clear Answers

There's nothing worse than an expert who claims to help their partners, but then speaks with a bunch of technical, industry jargon. You won't find that with Alliance. We speak in terms that everyone can understand.

Customer Service

From the minute you submit a project to the minute we complete the project, your needs and your project will be our top priority. We'll be in communication throughout the project, so you always understand what's happening.


Professionalism is always at the top of our list of priorities. We show up when we say we're going to show up and complete reports when we say we'll complete them.


Our mission is centered around us being independent. Our opinions aren't clouded by the desire to sell you materials or installation.

We Have 30+ Years of Industry Expertise

Meet Our Leadership Team: 

(CVs Available On Request)

Alliance's team of roof experts provide decades of experience.

Bill Harris, RRO

President & Partner |     317-695-2498

Alliance's roof experts are ready to help you understand your roof better.

Steve Kinney

Vice President & Partner  |     317-606-9131

The roof consultants at Alliance provide their roofing expertise to every customer.

Paula Sollars

Business Manager  |     317-695-5332

Alliance's roof experts can help you better understand your roof's condition.

Sue Scott

Business Manager  |     317-432-1524

Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.

Alliance wants to become your expert. 

We’re equipping you with unbiased information about your roofing and leak-related issues.

The team at Alliance is eager to help you with the information you need to know in order to make informed decisions about your project. We’re committed to providing unbiased information to our customers in order to help them make the right choices.

Want to learn why we’re independent roofing experts?