Independent Roof Inspections Service

To Help You Better Understand Your Commercial Roof’s Condition

Alliance is the roof expert for insurance professionals.

Roofing Systems Are Complicated.

The last thing you need is an opinion from someone trying to sell you something. Roof inspections should be handled by an independent third party to ensure you receive accurate information

Roofing contractors sell roofs. So how do you know what you really need and what roofing system is best for your building? Understanding that roofing systems are complicated, you need an independent roof inspector’s opinion that you can trust and that comes from someone that doesn’t have a hidden agenda about selling you something.


There are over 100 different roofing systems. How do you know which roof is right?


Million Sq. Ft. of roofing inspected for failure analysis


More than 15 Million Sq. Ft. of Roof Installation observed

Residential roofing services

Are you in need of residential roof inspection services?

While Alliance Consulting and Testing mostly focuses on commercial roof inspections, we offer residential roof inspections, too!

Types of Commercial Roof Inspections:

Alliance can help you make an informed decision about your roofing system. 

Installation Inspection

What we do: Evaluate the roof for improper installation according to industry standards.

Why we do it: To help owners with possible recourse against the contractor and have a quality, water-tight roofing system installed.

Forensic Inspection

What we do: Investigate the roofing system for hail, wind, storm damage, leaks, or other roof failures.

Why we do it: To determine the cause of loss or failure to a roofing system.

Condition Inspection

What we do: Survey the condition of the roof to determine its useful service life.

Why we do it: To help plan for capital expenditure and budget for repairs.

Due Diligence Inspection

What we do: Survey the roof system to form an opinion on the condition of the roof, repairs that need to be made, whether replacement is necessary, and the estimated useful service life.

Why we do it: To help the buyer or seller gain an unbiased understanding of the roof of the property to give them accurate information from a trusted advisor in the buying/selling process.

Annual Inspections

What we do: Review roofs on an annual basis to determine repairs have been made and the roof continues to perform well.

Why we do it: To manage the current roofing system and to maintain the current roof to extend its useful service life and maximize the ROI.


Alliance can help you make an informed decision about your roofing system. 

Alliance Consulting and Testing provides commercial roof inspection consulting services.

Did you know?

Many companies that offer roof inspection services are also contractors. We don’t sell or install roofs. We provide expertise to building owners and their reps to assist with their roofing or leak related issues.

Do you sell or install any roofing materials?

We are independent roof and leak analysis experts. We do not sell or install roofing materials and we are not owned by anyone who does. Our only purpose is to provide unbiased consulting on roofing and building envelope issues.

Do you repair roofing systems?

No, we are not roofing contractors; we are independent consultants. We inspect the roofing system. The only invasive testing we conduct is taking core samples of the roofing systems we inspect for assessment purposes. We will make a small repair to the test area that we cut on the roofing system.

Can you tell me why my roof is leaking?

Yes, we provide leak analysis services to our clients.

Do you provide causation/forensic inspections?

Yes, we have conducted 7000+ causation/forensic inspections for the insurance industry to determine if a roof has been damaged by wind, hail, or other weather-related issues.

Do you need an expert to perform your roof inspection?

Alliance can be the partner that helps:

Save Time & Money

Roofing systems are complicated and require expert knowledge. Hiring the first contractor you speak to can result in unneeded repair or replacement work, improperly installed roofing systems, and needing to replace their work in a matter of only a few years. Alliance can help you by providing the information you need to make an informed decision about your roof.

Get An Accurate, Objective Report

Contractors and others looking to sell you a new roof, will provide you with biased information. Most likely, they’ll tell you to replace immediately. Alliance will help determine if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. We will provide a detailed roof report that will substantiate our opinions and findings.

Understand Your Next Steps

Knowing when to repair versus replace your roofing system is a crucial step. An improper roofing system can lead to roof failure and premature replacement. Alliance provides you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.

Alliance puts people first.

For us, it’s about meeting your needs, not selling a roof.

Alliance's roofing consulting services are designed to give you the right information about your roof.
We don’t sell or install roofing systems.

The only thing we do sell is our extensive roofing expertise. Alliance’s independent roof inspections are designed to help you make an informed decision about whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. We have no hidden agenda when working with our clients and will tell you, plain and simple, what you need to know about your roof.

Alliance Consulting and Testing is an independent roof consultant.
Communication is a top priority.

From the minute you reach out to our team to the minute we provide an inspection report, we set a high priority on communication. Before analyzing your roofing system, we’ll be sure you understand exactly what we’re looking for and how we’ll determine if we find it. Upon completion of our inspection, we’ll communicate in understandable terms what we found. From our findings, we’ll create a detailed roof inspection report that will help you decide if you need to repair or replace your roof. No matter the type of roofing system you currently have, our team has the expertise you need in order to make sure your roof is living up to its expectations.

Alliance's roof consulting services are designed to help you make informed decisions about your roof.
We pride ourselves on the relationships we build.

Because we don’t have a hidden agenda and place an emphasis on communication, we provide a better experience. More than that, though, our expertise is offered independently. At the end of the day, our job is to put people first. We manage the project and focus on the integrity of the roof and options we provide, you’ll have the right information to make an informed decision.

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