Roof Specifications

To Ensure A Quality Roofing System Installation

Alliance's roof consulting services are designed to help you maintain your roofs.

Not All Roofing Systems Are The Same

You Need The Right Roofing System Properly Installed By A Quality Contractor

When it comes to getting the quality installation you need for your roof, few tools will help you more than roof specifications written by independent experts. These documents allow quality-proven contractors to competitively bid your project. Relying on price point alone when hiring a roofing contractor can result in a roof that is more costly to maintain, has a shorter life expectancy, and reduces your return on investment.


Alliance's team of experts have Specified more than 15 Million Sq. Ft. of Roofing Systems


Expect a 40% increase in price for roofing projects not submitted to a competitive bid


There are 50,000 Roofing Companies in the USA. Do you know if you have the right one for you?

Get The Facts From An Independent Roof Expert

Alliance Has The Expertise You Can Rely On

Alliance Consulting & Testing writes roof specification documents to ensure your roof is properly repaired or replaced.

Did you know?

Projects that are competitively bid with a specification that includes the same scope of work and materials will save you time, money, and headaches in the future. 

How do you determine which contractors get invited to bid the project?

We will work with you to establish a list of qualified contractors in your area to submit a bid on the project.

What types of specifications do you write?

The majority of our specifications are focused on re-roofing projects. We will help you identify the roofing system best suited for your building.

What happens after you write the spec?

We will put the project out to bid; conduct a pre-bid meeting and consult with you as you select the contractor for your project; and provide quality assurance inspections during the installation.

Do I have to have quality assurance inspections if you write the specifications?

Yes, quality assurance inspections are a requirement for us writing a specification for a roof replacement project.

Do You Need Expertly Written Specifications And Bid Documents?

Alliance Can Partner With You By:

Writing Specifications

The first step in the roof replacement process is to inspect your current roofing system to understand what you have and what is needed. Once you understand the roofing system your building requires we can write re-roof specifications and bid documents and assist in identifying quality-oriented contractors to bid.

Obtaining Competitive Bids

Competitive bids that include the same scope of work will result in roofing systems that perform for a longer period of time. By partnering with Alliance to write your re-roofing specifications and bid documents, we can save you time.

Evaluating Contractors

With the obtained bids, you can start evaluating the contractors based on price points, experience, and reputation. By working with Alliance, we can present you with a list of proven, quality contractors.

Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.

Specifications Based On Experience

Alliance Provides The Information You Need To Successfully Complete Your Project

Alliance's roofing consulting services are designed to give you the right information about your roof.

When it comes to spec writing, you need a partner who isn’t trying to sell you a product or service. At Alliance, our team is focused on you, our customer, and helping you as a roof expert. Our spec and bid documents are designed to help you find the best contractor for the job. In the spec documents, we carefully outline and explain what roofing system your building requires and how it should be installed.

Alliance Consulting & Testing is an independent roof consultant.

We work alongside our customers to help solve their roofing challenges. Spec and bid document writing isn’t any different. Our focus is on making sure you end up with the roofing system you need.

Alliance's roof consulting services are designed to help you make informed decisions about your roof.

Because we are also educators in the roofing industry, we can make the re-roofing process simple for you to understand.

How can the Alliance team help you?

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