Quality Assurance During Roof Replacement

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When It Comes Your Roof Replacement, You Can’t Afford Improper Installation

A roofing system is comprised of different types of materials that work together to maintain the roof and building’s integrity. When these materials aren’t installed properly, you could end up with costly repairs or, worse, needing to replace the system long before you should have to. Relying on a contractor should be a safe bet, but not all contractors are looking out for your best interest. Some of them are only focused on selling you a new roof at the lowest cost to them. You need an expert who can monitor the proper installation of your roofing system.


Alliance has performed quality assurance inspections on over 20 million square feet of commercial roofing.


Roofing systems are the second most litigated construction issue behind environmental construction.


Many re-roof projects can cost at least 6 figures and higher

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What is a quality assurance inspection?

Quality assurance inspections are spot inspections that occur during the installation of a roofing system. These inspections help ensure that the roof installation is being met according to a published specification and/or the industry guidelines. Quality assurance inspections are not to be confused with daily quality control.

What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control?

Quality control is the roofing contractor’s responsibility during roof installation on a daily basis. Quality assurance are inspections from an independent party to ensure that quality control is happening.

How many inspections would you recommend during an installation of a new roof?

It varies depending on the size of the roof and the complexity of the roofing system being replaced. We will discuss this with you before we establish the number of QA inspections for your specific project.

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Alliance Can Help You:

Roofing Systems Have Multiple Components

The proper installation of these components has a significant impact on the satisfactory performance of the roofing system. Alliance understands the criteria for proper installation of roofing components.

Find Contractors

You need a quality contractor who will properly install your roofing system. Our team will write spec and bid documents and even help you identify quality-focused contractors who will bid your project on a competitive basis.

Maintain Quality

Throughout the process of replacing your roof, we’ll ensure the contractor you hire is properly installing the new roofing system. We’ll perform quality assurance inspections throughout the process to verify the work.

Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.

Alliance Provides Independent Opinions

It’s Not About Selling Roofing Materials, But About Maintaining Integrity

Alliance's roofing consulting services are designed to give you the right information about your roof.

When you partner with Alliance to manage your roof replacement project, you’ll know the project will run smoothly. Since we aren’t out to sell you any roofing materials, you can rest easy knowing that the information we provide is completely transparent. We will partner with you as your roofing expert to ensure the replacement of your roof is done right.

Contact Alliance's roofing experts with your roofing system questions.

It doesn’t matter what services Alliance is providing, communication is always at the top of our priorities list. Putting people first is just what we do. We will communicate with you, the roofing contractor, and the material suppliers as needed to help assure smooth installation of your roofing system.

Alliance Consulting & Testing is an independent roof consultant.

Once the roof replacement project is complete, we’re more than happy to help you independently manage your roof assets. We’ll set up an annual inspection plan that allows you to manage your roofing systems and ensure they continue to perform as desired.

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