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Alliance is the roof expert for insurance professionals.

Unbiased, Independent Roof Inspection Experts

Maximizing the ROI of your roof is important. In order to do that, you need a partner who is looking out for your best interests.

The Right Answers

Are you unsure whether your roofer is giving you the right answers? Does it feel like they might have ulterior motives? We are unbiased roof experts who do not sell or install roofing products, and we are not owned by anyone who does. Our only service is giving you the answers you need to make the decisions about your roof.

Trusted Advisor

You know your roof needs to be replaced, but you have three quotes that don’t make any sense. It is a confusing situation, as well as an expensive one. Having a trusted advisor to guide you through inspection, evaluation, and replacement of your roof can take the anxiety out of the process.

Solve Problems

Do you have an on-going leak? Have roofers tried to solve water intrusion problems with no success? Roof problems are not something to be trifled with. Water intrusion and leak issues can lead to mold, interruptions in business, and frustration for building owners and tenants. Having an independent roof consultant can help you solve these issues and others like it to keep the roof water-tight and tenants happy.

The true cost of ‘free’ contractor roof inspections

While not all roof contractors are dishonest, offering a free roof inspection or an inspection at reduced cost should be a red-flag for a building owner.

Professional roof inspection expert shaking hands with business owner

Alliance Consulting & Testing Roof Inspection

When using Alliance for your roof inspections and roof management program, you can expect a service that is geared toward your best interests. We provide independent, unbiased roof inspections that help you plan for capital expenditure and maximize your ROI on your roof.

Roofing contractor inspection

Free Contractor Roof Inspection

While the thought of getting something for free or at reduced cost sounds great, there is a problem with a contractor roof inspection: they want to gain your trust to sell you a roof. Free inspections helps contractors and seldom benefit the building owner.

What our clients are saying:

Independent Roof Inspection Services

Inspecting your roof can be just one step in managing your roofing system. We offer many services that can assist in maximizing your current roof and plan for investing in a new roof.

Alliance provides independent roof inspections.

Roof Inspection

With our extensive knowledge of roofing systems, our team can perform a quality inspection on your roof. We’ll explain what we find in understandable terms and provide you with independent information you can use to make an informed decision.

More About Our Roof Inspections

Alliance Consulting & Testing can help you identify your roof repair options.


Replacing your entire roofing system may not be the only route you have to go. We can help you determine the difference between necessary repair costs versus replacement costs, taking this step could extend the useful service life of your roofing system and allow you to budget the cost of replacing your roof in the future.

More About Our Roof Repair or Replacements

Through Alliance's roof replacement oversight, you can rest easy knowing your new roof is properly installed.


When it does come time to replace your roof, you want to make sure someone is there to make sure it’s properly installed. Our team can provide the roof replacement oversight expertise you need to ensure you have a quality roofing system.

More About Quality Assurance

Alliance provides leak analysis to help you maintain your roof.


Moisture intrusion can be damaging to the building interior. We can help determine the cause of the leaks in the roofing system and building envelope and we can provide you with recommendations for repair.

More About Leak Analysis

Alliance Consulting & Testing provides quality roof spec writing and bid analysis.


Replacing your roofing system can be a challenge. We can help you identify the proper roofing system and obtain competitive bids from quality oriented contractors.

More About Roof Replacement Specifications

Alliance Consulting & Testing provides construction consulting services.


We can determine the extent and cost of damage to the roofing system and other construction materials as a result of storm damage or leak-related issues.

More About Roof Construction Consulting

Alliance's independent roof inspections let you know what's going on with your roof.


Building leaks are not always a result of roof related issues. We can determine the cause of moisture intrusion in a building involving window and wall systems.

More About Building Envelope Analysis

Alliance is a roofing expert legal witness with a court-proven history.


We can provide field inspections, review depositions, review witness statements, and technical documents to help you assess and develop your case.

More About Expert Witness Services

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