How can our team help you?

Alliance is the roof expert for insurance professionals.
Alliance provides independent roof inspections.

Roof Inspection

With our extensive knowledge of roofing systems, our team can perform a quality inspection on your roof. We’ll explain what we find in understandable terms and provide you with independent information you can use to make an informed decision.


Alliance Consulting and Testing can help you identify your roof repair options.

Roof Repair Or Replace Expertise

Replacing your entire roofing system may not be the only route you have to go. We can help you determine the difference between necessary repair costs versus replacement costs, taking this step could extend the useful service life of your roofing system and allow you to budget the cost of replacing your roof in the future.


Through Alliance's roof replacement oversight, you can rest easy knowing your new roof is properly installed.

Quality Assurance During Roof Replacement

When it does come time to replace your roof, you want to make sure someone is there to make sure it’s properly installed. Our team can provide the roof replacement oversight expertise you need to ensure you have a quality roofing system.


Alliance provides leak analysis to help you maintain your roof.

Leak Analysis

Moisture intrusion can be damaging to the building interior. We can help determine the cause of the leaks in the roofing system and building envelope and we can provide you with recommendations for repair.


Alliance Consulting and Testing provides quality roof spec writing and bid analysis.

Roof Replacement Specifications

Replacing your roofing system can be a challenge. We can help you identify the proper roofing system and obtain competitive bids from quality oriented contractors.


Alliance Consulting and Testing provides construction consulting services.

Construction Consulting

We can determine the extent and cost of damage to the roofing system and other construction materials as a result of storm damage or leak-related issues.


Alliance Consulting and Testing provides quality roof spec writing and bid analysis.

Building Envelope Analysis

Building leaks are not always a result of roof related issues. We can determine the cause of moisture intrusion in a building involving window and wall systems.


Alliance is a roofing expert legal witness with a court-proven history.

Expert Witness

We can provide field inspections, review depositions, review witness statements, and technical documents to help you assess and develop your case.


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