Leak Analysis

Not all building leaks come from the roof.

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Leaks Wreak Havoc On Your Property

Water is the most destructive element on Earth.

Roofing systems are only one part of the building envelope that can be impacted by water intrusion. The building envelope includes: roofs, walls, windows, door systems, as well as the surrounding landscape. Identifying the correct source of water intrusion can be a huge challenge. Not addressing this challenge appropriately can lead to a leaky building and an uncomfortable work environment. Having an expert who understands all of these elements and how they interact with each other can save money, time, and frustration.


$9 Billion Spent by the Construction Industry on defects due to moisture


Up to 90% of Building Failures are attributed to Moisture


1% of the surface area of a roof is responsible for 90% of the leaks

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Alliance Has The Expertise You Need

Alliance Consulting & Testing provide independent roofing expertise and roof consulting services.

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Do you suggest repair options to mitigate leak issues?

Yes, we can provide recommendations for repairs to mitigate the leaks on a given property.

Can you inspect more than just the roof for leaks?

Yes, leaks can occur in more areas than just the roofing system. We can inspect the building envelope for leaks as well.

What type of leaks analysis do you provide?

We can inspect the roofing system and building envelope for the source of the leaks.

Do you provide moisture testing?

We utilize multiple types of testing equipment, depending on what is needed on the project.

Do You Need An Expert To Help You?

Alliance Can Partner With You To:

Determine Leak Locations

Alliance can perform a thorough leak analysis of your entire property. We’ll first focus on the visible leak areas, then determine the most likely causes of moisture intrusion into your building. Because we provide a comprehensive leak analysis, you can avoid future damage.

Understand Why Leaks Happen

Knowing where the leaks are is only one component of the analysis. The other component is understanding why leaks are even happening. Our team will determine where and why the leaks are occurring. We’ll inspect your roofing system along with your building envelope that could be causing the leaks on the property.

Resolve Leak Related Issues

After completing the roof leak analysis, we’ll explain in understandable terms what we found, but more than that, we’ll provide recommendations on how you can remedy the leaks.

Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.

Alliance Stands For Integrity

We Put People and Quality Above Everything Else

Alliance Consulting & Testing is an independent roof consultant.
We believe in putting people before all other things.

The Alliance team is able to put people first because we’re focused on providing quality services, not selling or installing building materials. We provide independent expertise that you can use to make an informed decision about your leak-related issues.

Alliance's roofing consulting services are designed to give you the right information about your roof.
Trust that the information you’ve been given is truly independent.

Because we remain unbiased while performing our services, we’re able to offer truly independent expertise so you can make informed decisions on your leak-related issues. Our opinions are backed by extensive experience in leak-related issues.

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Get independent recommendations.

The recommendations we make, like our services, remain independent. We don’t sell or install any building materials and are not owned by anyone who does. You can rely on our recommendations because we don’t make them lightly.

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You know when there’s a leak, but do you know what’s causing it? Download our free infographic to learn common leak causes on commercial buildings.