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Construction and roofing litigation is complex. Without a roofing expert on your side, you risk overlooking vital information that could cost you the case.

Missing important technical details

Relying on inaccurate or biased information

Inability to fact check

Trusting unreliable and inexperienced witnesses

Roof Consulting For Every Need, From Installation And Maintenance To Repair And Replacement

Our team at Alliance Consulting & Testing provides unbiased roof inspections and quality assurance to give you the technical details you need for your case

How We Help

Alliance Consulting & Testing provides precise technical information to strengthen your case. Our team’s expertise in roofing systems enables us to conduct thorough independent assessments and ask the right questions to support your litigation claims.



Maintenance & Repair

Roofing System Design Defects

Expert Legal Witness Services

Expert Witness

Access court-proven expertise for roof and leak-related issues

Independent Roof Inspections

Order an inspection to better understand relevant roofing conditions

Leak Detection

Get a detailed leak report and uncover the cause of the water intrusion and damage

Building Envelope Analysis

Determine if other elements of the building envelope impact your case

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Expert Witness for Roofing Litigation FAQs

Are you court-tested experts?

Yes, we are court-tested experts in our field. We have been retained and used as roof experts for 60+ legal cases involving roofing and leak-related issues.

Can you help assess the strength of my case?

We can review technical documents and give you a professional opinion to the merits of your case.

What is your scope of services?

We can provide field inspections, review depositions, and review witness statements and technical documents.

Do I need an engineer?

There is no formal study in the field of engineering or architecture that includes specific training on roofing. Professional registrations in the roofing industry is done through RCI (Roof Consultants Institute). Our staff includes Registered Roof Observers and a former member of the RCI educational faculty. In addition, we have other training and certifications and have been court-tested on numerous projects. Feel free to check our team page here.

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