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Understanding Roofing and Leak Related Issues Can Be Difficult

You Need Unbiased and Accurate Information

Understanding your roof is a major part of maintaining the system’s integrity. At Alliance Consulting & Testing we’re educators at heart. We teach customers what they need to know about their roofing system, so they can make better, more informed decisions. Our roofing expertise is extensive and covers every system.


Courses on roofing science and technology are not typically part of professional licensing for architects and engineers.


Alliance conducts more than 300 educational roofing seminars conducted for insurance adjusters and property managers


There are more than 30 industry associations involving roofing and building envelope systems


Alliance Can Provide You With What You Need To Know and When You Need to Know It

Alliance provide online roofing education for you to learn everything you need to about your roof.


The Roof Consultant’s Institute was established in 1983 as an organization solely designed to advance the profession of building envelope consultants. 

What type of education and training do you provide?

We provide training on roofing systems and the building envelope for professionals who need education in this technical field.

Can you train my claims team/property management staff on site?

Yes, please submit your information here and we can meet your staff on-site to provide a training.

How long do trainings last?

Our minimum training is 60 minutes long. More extensive training is available for you and your staff.

Is there a cost for onsite trainings?

Depending on location, travel time, expenses, and how long the training lasts, we will assess a flat fee for training your staff.

Do you provide online training?

Yes, we provide online training that can be accessed here.

Do You Want An Expert To Help?

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Roofing Systems

Because we have extensive knowledge in all types of roofing systems, we can help you better understand roofing science and technology.

Roof Damage

All roofing systems are designed to withstand weather. The question is: at what point does weather impact the roofing system? We are well-versed in the published criteria for roofing system performance and physical damage definitions.

Terminology and Definitions

Our team can take the confusion out of roofing and building envelope technology.  We can help you learn the industry terms you need to know in order to make informed decisions about your roofing system.

Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.

Alliance Provides Expertise

Knowledge Truly Is Power When It Comes to Roofing Systems and the Building Envelope

Alliance Consulting & Testing is an independent roof consultant.

Understanding roofing and building envelope jargon can be confusing. What you need and what Alliance provides, is understandable, digestible information about roofing systems. We’re able to provide independent information in an understandable way that allows you to make educated decisions.

Contact Alliance's roofing experts with your roofing system questions.

At Alliance, we put people first. We aren’t out to sell any roofing materials or systems. We provide unbiased education and services designed to help our customers.

Alliance's roof consulting services are designed to help you make informed decisions about your roof.

Because we are experienced consultants and excellent communicators, we can make learning easy and enjoyable.  Technical information and issues no longer need to be frustrating.

Access our library of online educational videos.

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Download the Roof Recover Infographic

A roof recovery isn’t suitable for all roofs. Download the infographic to learn the three unacceptable conditions for recovering a roof.