How do you find the right roofing expert to help you during the litigation process?

You understand the law backwards and forwards. But, where do you find a court-proven, technical expert?

Alliance is the roof expert for insurance professionals.

Where Do You Get Help?

Who can help you understand your client’s position as it relates to the technical aspects of the case?

Roof Expertise

You need an expert who understands roofing systems. Finding the right expert who can help you understand the technical details and ask the right questions during litigation.

Independent Assessment

Finding the information you need might require a full, independent assessment of the roof in question, so you have technical information to support your client’s litigation.

Biased Information Leads To Failed Litigation

Experts aren't easy to come by.

Finding a court-proven, roofing system expert can be a challenge. Many “experts” have limited experience with roofing systems.

Information needs to be verifiable.

Expert opinions need to be supported by published, technical data. Relying on improper information can lead to failed litigation.The information you’re provided needs to be backed up with real, provable facts. A contractor or material supplier will provide you with their opinion, which may be correct, but not always provable.

You need an independent expert you can rely on.

As independent experts, we can provide you what you need to know about the roof in question. Our expertise is not limited to just manufacturing of products or installation of products. We’re experts not because we know all of the answers, but we know where to find them.


Are you court-tested experts?

Yes, we are court test experts in our field. We have been retained and used as roof experts for 60+ legal cases involving roofing and leak related issues.

Can you help assess the strength of my case?

We can review technical documents and give you a professional opinion to the merits of your case.

What is your scope of services?

We can provide field inspections, review depositions, and review witness statements and technical documents.

Do I need an engineer?

There is no formal study in the field of engineering or architecture that includes specific training on roofing. Professional registrations in the roofing industry done through RCI (Roof Consultants Institute). Our staff includes Registered Roof Observers and a former member of the RCI educational faculty. In addition, we have other training and certifications and have been court-tested on numerous projects. Feel free to check our team page here.


Alliance is a roofing expert legal witness with a court-proven history.


We provide court-proven expertise involving roofing and leak related issues.


Alliance provides independent roof inspections.


Our independent roof inspection services are aimed at helping you better understand roofing conditions.


Alliance provides leak analysis to help you maintain your roof.


If your case revolves around a leak in the roofing system, we can help identify the cause of the leaks.


Alliance's independent roof inspections let you know what's going on with your roof.


We know and understand the ins and outs of building envelopes and can determine if the envelope plays a part in your case.


Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.
Alliance Consulting & Testing:

A Court-Proven Roofing Expert

At Alliance Consulting & Testing, we work with attorneys to provide them with the accurate, technical information they need to strengthen their case during litigation. We are experts not because we know all of the answers, but we know where to find the answers to backup your claims during litigation.

Better Understand Roofing Systems

Know The Questions To Ask

Provide An Independent Assessment


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