Building Owners

Do you know who to trust when it comes to your roofs?

It’s been years since your buildings’ roofs have been examined. You know that some of them are starting to fail and that it’s time to call in an expert. Obtaining multiple quotes is a good idea, but how do you know you’re getting an honest quote? You know some of your roofs aren’t as bad as others, but the contractors you called are telling you to replace them all.

Alliance is the roof expert for insurance professionals.

Where Do You Get Help?

With so much information being thrown at you from multiple directions, you don’t know who to trust or what needs to be done with your roof.

Multiple Roofing Systems

Owning multiple buildings means multiple roofing systems to worry about. Knowing which roofs need attention now and which ones can be prioritized for a later date is challenging.

Independent Roofing Information

Everyone you talk to about your roofs say they need to be replaced right now, but you know those are the same people who benefit from you purchasing new roofing systems.

Properly Installed Roofing Systems

Roofing systems are not only complicated, but they can be expensive. Spending money on a system that’s not installed properly wastes time and money.

Custom Roof Management Program

Even a new, accurately installed roofing system can fail, if it isn’t properly maintained and managed. You need the know-how and time to manage your roof assets.

Poorly Installed Roofing Systems Lead to More Building Issues

Not all roofing systems are the same.

Hiring the first contractor you speak to won’t necessarily lead to a proper roof installation. Not all roofing systems are the same and they require specialized installation methods.

Finding the right contractor.

Hiring the first contractor who offers you what looks like a good deal, could lead to an improperly installed roofing system. And, since the contractor didn’t install the right system, you end up needing to replace the roof again sooner than expected, which puts a huge strain on your budget.

Prioritizing roofing needs.

As someone who owns multiple buildings, you have multiple roofs to consider. Those roofs aren’t all going to be in the exact same condition. You need an independent expert who can help you prioritize which roofs need to be replaced now, which ones require repair work, and which ones can be addressed later.


Do you sell and/or install roofing materials or systems?

We are independent roof and leak analysis experts. We do not sell or install roofing materials and we are not owned by anyone who does. Our only purpose is to provide independent consulting on roofing and building envelope issues.

Do you prepare roof replacement specifications?

Yes, we write roof replacement specifications and bid documents for competitive contractor bids in the event the roof needs to be replaced.

Do you provide annual inspections for roof asset management?

Yes, we provide a variety of roof inspections for building owners, so they can better manage their commercial roofing systems.

How do I submit a project?

Projects can be submitted on our online form here. Please let us know what services you require and we will be in touch with you.

Can you create estimated budgets for repairs and replacement schedules for roofs?

Yes, we supply estimated repair costs and prioritize replacement schedules for building owners with multiple buildings.

What is the building envelope?

The building envelope is a general term to describe the multiple building systems that separate the exterior of the building from the interior of the building. The building systems include: the roofing systems, exterior wall systems, floors, and any openings in the structure (doors, windows, skylights, etc.) We also provide a building envelope analysis service to building owners.

Do you provide quality assurance inspections during roof installation?

Yes, we can provide quality assurance inspections during re-roofing projects. Let us know if you would like us to write a re-roof specification or just provide quality assurance inspections.

Do you provide any training for property managers?

Yes, we can provide training for property managers and building engineers on roof asset management and maintenance. Let us know what topics you would like to learn about and we can put together a training to suit your needs.

Do you work with general contractors/construction managers?

Yes, we work with construction managers on installation/construction defects on roofing systems as well as tracking down leaks that occur in the building envelope. If you need help on a project, please feel free to submit a project.

How quickly do I receive my report?

Depending on the amount of services requested and after the completion of the inspection, reports can be turned around between 3-5 business days.

Do I need an engineer?

There is no formal study in the field of engineering or architecture that includes specific training on roofing. Professional registrations in the roofing industry is done through RCI (Roof Consultants Institute). Our staff includes registered Roof Observers and a former member of the RCI education faculty. In addition, we have other training and certifications and have been court-tested on numerous projects. Sell free to check out our staff page here.


Alliance provides independent roof inspections.


You need to know what’s happening with each of your roofing systems. We’ll provide the independent information you need to make informed decisions.


Alliance Consulting & Testing can help you identify your roof repair options.


If your roofing systems need to be repaired, we’ll help you explore and understand all of your options for repairing the systems.


Through Alliance's roof replacement oversight, you can rest easy knowing your new roof is properly installed.


Our team of experts will inspect and monitor the roof replacement process to assure it’s installed according to project and manufacturer’s specifications.


Alliance provides leak analysis to help you maintain your roof.


Leaks in a building envelope can wreak havoc on an entire building. Our team can analyze the leak, determine where it’s coming from, and provide recommendations for repair.


Alliance Consulting & Testing provides quality roof spec writing and bid analysis.


If your roof needs to be replaced, we can help you identify the best roofing system for your building and obtain competitive bids for you.


Alliance's independent roof inspections let you know what's going on with your roof.


Building envelopes are complicated systems with multiple parts that can fail and leak. We can identify the problems and recommend solutions.


Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.
Alliance Consulting & Testing

Understands Your Roofing System

At Alliance Consulting & Testing, we don’t sell roofing materials or systems. Instead, we offer our independent expertise to help building owners make informed decisions about their roofs. When we climb on a roof, we provide honest, independent information and opinions about what we find. If the roof needs immediate repairs or replacement services, we’ll help you find the right contractor, write the specifications for the installation or repair, and perform quality assurance inspections during the work. If the roof doesn’t need immediate work or if it’s repaired or replaced, we’ll set up a roof asset management program to monitor your roof’s condition.

Understanding every roofing system allows Alliance Consulting & Testing to offer independent information you can use to hire the right contractor and maintain your roof.

Manage Roof Assets

Prioritize Roofing Needs

Maintain Tenant Relationships

Hire Quality Contractors

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