Facility & Plant Managers

Your job: protect the building and the budget.

Our job: protect you.

Alliance is the roof expert for insurance professionals.

Where do you get help?

Managing industrial facilities can be challenging with difficult emergencies and tight budgets. The last thing you need is a roofer telling you your roof needs to be replaced.

Juggling Multiple Roles

As a facilities manager, you have to know a lot about multiple building systems, and you are responsible for maintaining the building, prioritizing problems, and stretching every dollar. Having a trusted advisor to take care of your roof can take one thing off your list.

Focus on Urgent Requests

Having someone who can take care of your roofs, itemize repairs, vet and manage contractors, and oversee replacements when needed frees you up to focus on urgent requests.

Maintaining Budgets

Roofing systems are expensive, and not maintaining them can make them more expensive. Having an independent roof consultant help you manage your roof can save money by maximizing the useful service life of the roof, itemizing and budgeting for repairs, and designing the right roofing system that fits your budget when you need to replace your roof.

A trusted advisor who will tell you what you need to know

Shaking hands with plant manager

Alliance can help validate your roof assessment

When you need straight answers, we can provide the service and expertise you need to help guide the future of your commercial roofs and their maintenance.

Alliance can help quantify repairs needed

Roofs are expensive. Having a trusted advisor tell you exactly what needs to be done with your roof and when it needs to be done can not only maximize your budget and the useful service life of the roof, but also help you plan a budget for replacement in the future.

Alliance can provide unbiased information about your roofing system

We do not sell or install roofing products and we are not owned by anyone who does. Further, we receive no incentives from the manufacturers of the roofing systems we specify. We have only one goal: to maximize your current roof and to specify the best roof possible within your budget when you need a new one.

Alliance can help you make the best decision

Our company has been in business for over 20 years and we have specified millions of square feet of commercial roofing systems. We know when a roof is shot and needs to be replaced; and when a few repairs can be made to make your roof last a bit longer. We are here to help you manage your commercial roofs so you can wisely invest in them and maximize your investment.


How/where do I submit a project?

Projects can be submitted on our online form here. Please let us know what services you require on the project, and we will be in touch with you.

How much do you charge for an inspection?

We price all of our projects on a flat-fee basis to be established with you upfront. The fee will be determined by a variety of factors: location, roof-type, number of buildings and types of equipment needed. Further, the scope of services desired (e.g. CAD drawings, estimates, site verification and documentation, leak analysis, and extent of construction consulting) are taken into account.

Where have you worked?

We are a national company and have worked in almost every state.

What happens after I submit a project?

One of our associates will be in touch with you to discuss your potential project, the problems you might be having, your budget, and what looks best for you moving forward. If everything looks good for you, we will draft a formal proposal that identifies the scope of work to be done and our fee. Once we have a signed proposal, we can begin our work.

Services Plant Managers Use

Alliance provides independent roof inspections.


We provide the independent, expertise you need to make the decision to repair, replace, or do nothing with the roofing system.

Roof Inspection Types:

  • Due Diligence Inspection
  • Installation Inspection
  • Annual Inspections
  • Forensic Inspection
  • Condition Inspection

Through Alliance's roof replacement oversight, you can rest easy knowing your new roof is properly installed.

Other Roofing Services

Inspecting your roof is only one aspect of a healthy roof asset management program. We offer other services that protect you during the re-roofing process, identify and manage leaks, and to help you maintain your building envelope.

Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.
Protect Your Building and Budget.

Alliance Consulting will be there to protect you.

Our goal in being your roof expert is simple. We will take care of your roofs by managing roof assets, prioritizing roof repairs, managing roof replacement projects, and maximizing your roofing systems. That way, you can focus on more urgent needs and emergencies.