Real Estate Brokers

Don’t get caught off guard. You need a trusted advisor.

Alliance is the roof expert for insurance professionals.

Where do you get help?

Your clients expect you to have all the answers, and they rely on you to provide a solution for every problem during the sale or purchase of a commercial building. Who is in your corner when it comes to the roofing system of the building?

Roof Expertise

Roofing systems are complicated, but they are an important building system that keeps water out. A mishap in evaluating the roofing system of a building can cost your client thousands of dollars. The right expert can give you the information you need during the selling or buying process.

Trusted Advisor

While there are some good roofers out there, they are hindered by their need to sell roofing systems to make a living. This can cloud their judgement. A trusted advisor, who doesn’t sell or install roofing materials, can give you the information you need to protect your client and improve your brand perception.

Roof problems hold up sales

Alliance provides independent roofing expertise and leak analysis services.

Alliance gives unbiased opinions on roof

We do not sell or install roofing materials and we are not owned by any company that does. Our only goal is to give the information you need about the roof to protect your client.

Alliance can help quantify repairs needed

If repairs or replacement are needed for your clients roof, Alliance can quantify these numbers from an unbiased perspective and give you the information you need to adjust deals, negotiate when you need to, or establish conditions before the sale of a property.


How/where do I submit a project?

Projects can be submitted on our online form here. Please let us know what services you require on the project, and we will be in touch with you.

How much do you charge for an inspection?

We price all of our projects on a flat-fee basis to be established with you upfront. The fee will be determined by a variety of factors: location, roof-type, number of buildings and types of equipment needed. Further, the scope of services desired (e.g. CAD drawings, estimates, site verification and documentation, leak analysis, and extent of construction consulting) are taken into account.

Where have you worked?

We are a national company and have worked in almost every state.

What happens after I submit a project?

One of our associates will be in touch with you to discuss your potential project, the problems you might be having, your budget, and what looks best for you moving forward. If everything looks good for you, we will draft a formal proposal that identifies the scope of work to be done and our fee. Once we have a signed proposal, we can begin our work.

Services for Real Estate Brokers

Alliance provides independent roof inspections.


We provide the independent, expertise you need to make the decision to repair, replace, or do nothing with the roofing system.

Roof Inspection Types:

  • Condition Inspection
  • Due Diligence Inspection
  • Installation Inspection

Alliance's independent roof inspections let you know what's going on with your roof.

Other Inspection Services

In addition to the roof, we provide a building envelope analysis as well. Building envelopes are known to leak and can cause major issues to a building and can be expensive to repair.

Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.
Protect Your Client’s Investment.

Alliance Consulting will be there to protect you.

Your clients rely on you heavily to have the answers they need during this process. You can rely on us to help you with a building’s most important aspect: the roofing system.