Residential Roof Inspection Services

When you need more than a roofer to help you with your roof.

Alliance's roof experts are ready to help you with our roof consulting services.

Why pay for a roof inspection when a contractor will do it for free?

While not all roofers are bad, they hindered by their need to sell you a roof. Alliance does not sell roofing products or install them, we provide expertise for people when they need real answers.

Professional roof inspection expert shaking hands with business owner

Alliance Consulting & Testing Roof Inspection

When using Alliance for your roof inspections and roof management program, you can expect a service that is geared toward your best interest. We provide independent, unbiased roof inspections that help you plan for capital expenditure and maximize your ROI on your roof.

Roofing contractor inspection

Free Contractor Roof Inspection

While the thought of getting something for free or at reduced cost sounds great, there is a problem with a contractor roof inspection: they want to gain your trust to sell you a roof. Free inspections helps contractors and seldom look out for the best interest of the building owner.

Get in touch with the roof and building envelope experts.

While residential roof inspections are not common for Alliance to perform, we understand that you, the homeowner, need help too in dealing with negligent contractors, bad roof installations, tricky leaks, and getting honest answers for your roof. We have extensive experience with residential roofs, and we have inspected 15,000+ residential homes for the insurance industry of various types.

*Note: Inspections for residences outside the Indianapolis Metro Area will include travel fees.

Services for Residential Roofs:

  • Due Diligence Inspection
  • Condition Inspection
  • Improper Installation Inspection
  • Building Envelope Inspection
  • Leak Analysis