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To Verify Storm Related Damage to Roofing and Building Components

Alliance is the roof expert for insurance professionals.

Storm Damage to Property Can Be Difficult to Assess

Inaccurate Estimates Can Be Costly When Client Demands Are High

When it comes to your insurance claims, storm damage is big business. Determining the building components impacted by the storm can be difficult to identify. Contractor estimates can be unreliable, exaggerated, and based on biased information. While inaccurate settlements can cost time, money, and brand perception, Alliance Consulting & Testing remains a true independent construction consultant. We can identify storm-related damage and provide site verification and documentation, including roofing system and building envelope components. Further, we can provide repair recommendations, write estimates, and develop CAD drawings.


$19 Billion paid annually for property damage due to storms


More than $3 Billion paid annually for hail damage to property


Alliance has conducted 7000+ inspections for the insurance industry

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Alliance Consulting & Testing act as independent roofing experts.

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What construction consulting services do you provide?

We provide an array of services from verifying building measurements to estimates to identifying roof components. Feel free to visit our services page to learn more.

What types of reports do you provide?

We can provide Building Envelope Condition Assessments, Estimates, Site Verification and Documentation, et al. Check out our services here.

Do you provide moisture testing?

We utilize multiple types of testing equipment, depending on what is needed on the project.

Do You Need An Expert’s Opinion?

Alliance Can Partner With To Settle Claims Accurately

Site Verification and Documentation

We can verify roofing and building components as well as areas of storm damage for estimating purposes. We can also provide CAD drawings in order to get an accurate estimate and close the claim.


Contractor and Public Adjuster estimates can be inaccurate. We can write repair estimates for roofs, replacement estimates for roofing systems, and estimates for storm-damaged building components. These estimates will help you determine the accuracy of repair/replacement costs.

Causation Experts

Not all roofing systems are damaged by storms. In fact, they are designed to withstand weather up to a certain point. We know the industry definitions of storm-related damage to roofing products. Understanding what caused the damage can help you find the right solution to settle your claim.

Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.

Built On Integrity

At Alliance, Our Processes Put People First

Alliance's roofing consulting services are designed to give you the right information about your roof.
Our team prides itself on being upfront with what we’re doing, what we’re looking for, and what we find.

Because we have this approach, it allows us to stay focused on providing quality construction consulting. We don’t sell construction materials or roofing systems, so we don’t have a hidden agenda while verifying roofing components or writing estimates.

Contact Alliance's roofing experts with your roofing system questions.
You’re under pressure and our team understands that.

The way to maintain timelines is through focused, consistent communication. When you contact Alliance, someone from our team will reach out to let you know that we received your information and that a project manager will contact you. From that point, the project manager will work with you to determine the cause of loss, conduct site verification and documentation, and write estimates to close the claim.

Alliance Consulting & Testing is an independent roof consultant.
No matter the service we’re providing our customers, we take a comprehensive approach.

That’s the way to gain a full understanding of the situation. In the case of construction consulting, we provide CAD drawings, site verification and documentation, estimating, and causation, so you have a comprehensive understanding of your claim and what you need to know to close the file.

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