New Trends in Commercial Roofing

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New Trends in Commercial Roofing

Once again, the winter months are here. The holidays are right around the corner and winter weather is on the way. As we all enjoy the holidays with loved ones and family members, we can also take a look forward at the upcoming new year and what we can expect for roofing systems. We pulled together a list of new trends we’re seeing at the end of 2018 heading into 2019. Read through these points and start thinking about the future of your commercial roof.

Focus On Maintenance and Repairs

Although not a new trend per se, the focus on maintenance and regular repairs continues to grow through 2018 and into 2019. Many commercial building owners are wise to the fact that regular maintenance is much less expensive than large-scale repairs or a full replacement when significant damage is done to a structure. While maintenance and repair are important, it’s just as important to make sure the person doing the maintenance is honest and transparent about the needs of your roof. One key point people point to for not scheduling inspections or regular maintenance is the prevalence of unnecessary repairs that cost money and do little to improve the function of the roof. As we head into 2019, sit down and create a maintenance plan for your roof and schedule time throughout the year to bring in a professional inspector.

High-Quality Talent

Finding qualified workers is the number one concern in the roofing industry. Like many other industries, securing the best talent is a challenge. Knowledge in roofing systems, professionalism, and accountability are key traits of a great employee and these employees are the face for many roofing companies. When looking for a roofing contractor, it’s important to know about their workforce, who they employ, how they find employees and their training. Companies that invest in training are typically great companies to work with because they are investing in creating and maintaining a workforce of talented and trained employees.

New Technology

Technology is being utilized across every industry to improve efficiency and innovate new solutions. The same is true in the roofing industry. Tools like drones, digital maps, and paperless billing are quickly becoming norms in the industry to streamline the repair process for contractors and building owners alike. Virtual and augmented reality tools are newer trends in the industry, well-suited for showing building owners what the final repair or replacement will look like.

Technology is also reaching safety in the roofing industry. GPS in safety equipment helps pinpoint dangerous locations on the roof to help other workers avoid problem areas. Tools like heart monitors, sensors in helmets, and some companies are looking into integrating airbag-like systems in safety vests to help protect workers in the event of a fall.

New Tax Laws

One of the biggest changes for people with commercial roofs is new tax laws. Coming in 2019, commercial roofs will be added to section 179 property, which will double the deduction to $1 million. The new tax law also reduces the commercial roof depreciation schedule. Prior to tax law, the depreciation schedule was 39 years for commercial roofs. Under section 179, this will change to 25 years. It’s important for building owners to know that you can now choose to expense up to $1 million for roofing improvements in a year or spread the deduction over 25 years. Before making any large decisions about your roof, be sure to sit down and go through the numbers or consult with your tax expert.

As we look forward to 2019, keep these trends in mind and think about how you can benefit from roofing innovations. Be sure to set yourself, and your roof, up for success with a yearly independent inspection and maintenance plan. If you need help getting started or would like to talk to one of our roofing experts, give us a call at 317-770-8131 or send us a message!