Roof Replacement Beware: The Other Type of Storm Chaser

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Roof Replacement Beware: The Other Type of Storm Chaser

You might be familiar with the term ‘storm chasers’. Maybe you’ve even seen a show on TV with a similar title. You know, those seemingly insane people who take off in a truck to try to chase down tornados, or catch footage of a severe weather event?

Well, those aren’t the storm chasers you need to be looking out for. The other type of storm chaser is a person, or company, who shows up after a severe storm to make money from the damage done to your home or property. While it might seem like good timing, someone showing up at your door after a weather event, offering to fix your home, often don’t have the best intentions. Depending on the person and company they work for, some of these storm chasers are just looking to make a quick buck on fast projects. People are vulnerable after the damage has been done to their home. They’re worried about long-term roof damage and need help assessing potential issues. While these people need help, it often comes from an unreliable source. If this is you, be wary of storm chasers and read on to know what to look out for.

From Out of Town

When a company or person comes from out of town, offering a free roofing inspection or that they can “get your insurance to pay for your roof,” it’s often the first red flag. It shows that the person is here because they know there has been a weather event, and they’re trying to cash in. Not a very promising start. These people also pack up and leave once the roof has been replaced. Leaving you with the work they did, and little to no guarantee they will be available to help if something was done incorrectly. If you do decide to go with a contractor from out of town, make sure you have a rock solid agreement. Don’t run the risk of being saddled with the cost of a poorly replaced roof without a guarantee.

Excessive Damage

If you’ve experienced a severe weather event like a tornado or hail, it’s possible that your roof does have extensive damage. But it’s not always the case. Hailstones vary in size, and not all of them are as destructive to your roof as you might think. A lot of storm chasers offer a free inspection, then come back stating the roof has been damaged. Be cautious in this scenario; roofing products are designed to withstand weather, and it typically takes hail a certain threshold size before it causes damage. Yes, in some situations, unfortunately, costly roof replacement comes with severe weather. But for some storm chasers, the goal is to find as much damage as possible to maximize their financial gain. Again, not all storm chasers from out of town are out to get you, but it is worth due diligence in making sure everything lines up. One way to protect yourself is with a third-party inspection. It’s worth paying a little for an unbiased opinion than paying tenfold in false roof claims.

Too Good To Be True

In addition, be aware of quotes that seem too good to be true. Storm chasers know how insurance claims work. They know what they can charge based on the square footage of the roof. If they can cut costs on a cheaper roof, they can replace a roof without you spending money. The problem with this arises long after the storm chaser is gone. Poorly installed roofs eventually break down and cause more problems in the long run. If the quote looks too good to be true, chances are, it is. Educate yourself and find out how much a quality roof costs. It’s better to pay out once on a solid roof than have an issue pop up months later with damage that costs much more than the properly installed roof would have in the first place.

Do Your Homework

If you do experience a severe weather event and need assistance with your roof. Do your homework. If someone comes to your door, thoroughly vet them before letting them step foot on your roof. Check their website, credentials, and if possible connect with a previous client. Your first line of defense is online reviews. Thoroughly check sites like the Better Business Bureau and Google reviews to see what people are saying. Ask the contractor or company for references. Any company worth their salt will have people willing to tell you about their experience.

Make Roof Decisions Carefully

Not all storm chasers have bad intentions, but chances are there are qualified companies in your area capable of doing the work. Not only capable but dependent on a good reputation in your area, therefore more interested in giving you the best quality. You should never feel pressured to sign anything or make quick deals. Your roof is an investment, and you have every right to take your time with the decision. If you have recently experienced damage and need an unbiased opinion, we are more than happy to help you identify what’s best for your roof now and for the future before you sign anything. 

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