Roofs of the World We’re Dying to See – Part One

Sears Tower Chicago

Roofs of the World We’re Dying to See – Part One

When you’re up on rooftops every day like we are, it’s hard not to get excited when you get the chance to climb up on a unique or out-of-the-ordinary roof. We’ve had the chance to see the view from the top of some of the best roofs around the midwest like the RCA dome, old churches, and historical landmarks. Those roofs and many others throughout the world inspired us to put together a list of a few of the most interesting roofs, and the roofs we’re dying to see!

For the Views

Obviously, one of the perks of inspecting a roof is taking in the views of the world below they offer. Nothing is more exhilarating than stepping out into the sky atop towering buildings more than 1,000 feet in the air. One building we are dying to get a closer look at is the Willis Tower in Chicago. Ranking number two on the list of the tallest buildings in the U.S. this building was completed in 1970 and still stands as one of the most iconic buildings in the U.S. You might know it better by its previous name, the Sears Tower.

Standing Tall

This building is 110 stories 440 million pounds, 1,450 feet tall and is the 16th tallest building in the world. We chose this particular giant for a few reasons, but the history, size, and modernization all factor into being a roof that tops the list. Now, the views alone are worth wanting to get out on the roof, but what we really want to take a closer look at is how the roof of this building was constructed, and how maintenance keeps up with the demands of such a high altitude. Tall buildings have unique needs when it comes to construction. Weight, wind, and the elements have to keep building managers on their toes. The Willis Tower takes full advantage of their roof. With clean energy initiatives, spectacular views, and the innovative sky deck, this tower top is a must see for those of us interested in roofs.

View from Willis Tower

For the History

It is truly remarkable to think about structures around the world and how certain materials are able to withstand the elements and stand tall decade after decade. Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia is one of those structures. Known for its intricate detail and incredible architecture, this church has been around since 1916. Easily mistakable for a castle out of a movie like Harry Potter, this spectacular church overlooks waterfalls and a green canyon.

Castle roofs  .  Interior of castle

The views themselves are incredible, but the material and time it took to intricately design each aspect of the steeples and roof are certainly something we would love to see! Imagine getting the opportunity to not only see this structure but see it from the best view it offers! The history in these walls and the roof tell a story all their own, and as much as we’re fascinated by the outside of the roofing system, we wouldn’t mind catching a glimpse of the inside too.

For Going Green

A big trend in building development, and roofing, is green energy and high-efficiency. The materials used on a roof can help control temperature, reduce a building’s environmental impact, and in some cases, recreate one of the most delicate ecosystems in the world. These bio-domes are fascinating on their own, but The Eden project is also home to The Core. The roofing structure of The Core was built to mimic the structure of a sunflower. The sustainable building effort of this roof is another draw. Recycled Heineken bottles make up a portion of the flooring while reclaimed wood makes up the rest. This entire building would be something spectacular to see, but climbing up on that roof and seeing the intricate structure would be the icing on the cake!

green roof design

There are so many roofs around the world we would kill to spend a day on! These are just a few that would make for an awesome story. Which roofs would you want to see from the top? Share with us on Facebook! We’re fascinated by unique roofs and want to hear yours! Stay tuned for part two of Roofs Around the World We’re Dying to See to learn about modern constructions, the rise of complex roofing systems in sports complexes and more!