Why Hire Roof Consultants?

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Why Hire Roof Consultants?

Roof consulting is an industry of professionals (engineers, architects, and consultants) who specialize in roofing and roofing science. Roof consultants do not sell or install roofing systems and typically are not owned by anyone who does. Their main goals are to advance roofing technology and science for the betterment of buildings, their owners, and inhabitants.

Why Hire a Roofing Consultant to Inspect Your Roof:

It depends on your perspective towards your commercial roofing system. Is a roof just something you replace every 15-20 years or do you view your roof as an investment that you want to take care of?

If a roof is just something you replace every 15-20 years, then you probably wouldn’t ever hire roof consultants. But, if you view your roof as an investment and an asset to protect and maintain, you should hire roof consultants before hiring a roofing contractor. Here’s why:

  1. Biased vs. Independent

Most roofing contractors are focused on selling you a new roof or, at the very least, expensive repairs that may or not even be necessary. While not every contractor is a bad contractor (and we have met some great ones), their bias and conflict of interest are going to prevent them from doing what is best for you. A roof consultant, though, does not sell or install roofing products and is not owned by an organization that does. Because of their independence, roof consultants are focused on what is best for you and your roof.

      2. Providing Independent Roofing Inspections

When it comes to your roofing system, you need a partner who can advise you appropriately on repair vs replacement options. In some cases, a repair may be the best course of action for your roof, but most contractors tend to push for a full replacement. Since roof consultants provide independent roofing inspections, you’ll have unbiased information to base your decisions on.

      3. Writing Specifications

Along with providing roofing inspection services, consultants can also write re-roofing specifications that define the quality of construction for a re-roofing project and establish quality contractors to bid the project. Inviting contractors to a competitive bid can save you, the owner, on the price point of the roofing system.

     4. Understanding Various Roofing Systems

More often than not, most contractors only work with one type of roofing system and only use products from one manufacturer, which limits their ability to provide you with options if your roof needs to be replaced. Roof consultants, on the other hand, are familiar with various roofing products from multiple manufacturers and can find the best roofing system for you in the need of a replacement.

     5. Quality Assurance Inspections

Knowing your new roof is being installed properly is a major factor in the longevity of the system. Roof consultants can also perform quality assurance roofing inspections during installation of the roofing system to ensure the roof is installed according to spec.

     6. Ongoing Maintenance Inspections

Finally, a roof consultant can continue inspecting the roofing system after it is installed to ensure it continues to perform and lasts beyond its estimated useful service life.

Understanding Your Roofing System

The roof consultants at Alliance Consulting & Testing are trained to provide honest, independent information and opinion about what we find on a roof. Before you call a roofing contractor to climb on your roof and inspect it, we highly encourage you to check out our free e-book, “10 Most Costly Mistakes When Buying A Commercial Roof”, to help you avoid the costly pitfalls often associated with purchasing a commercial roof.

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