Insurance Professionals

How do you make sure you’re partnering with the right roofing or moisture expert?

As an insurance adjuster, you’re constantly juggling tasks. You have to sort through claims paperwork, manage relationships with insurance agents and property owners, and somehow find time to climb up on damaged roofs. It’s a lot to handle by yourself and doesn’t leave a lot of time for you to focus on helping your clients. You know you need help clearing your plate, you just aren’t sure who to partner with to make life easier or make the claims process better.

Alliance is the roof expert for insurance professionals.

Where do you get help?

Property claims are demanding. Who can you trust to improve the claim experience?

Maintaining Client Relationships

You know your clients want their roof claim paid right now, but you don’t have the hours or manpower to climb up on every single roof.

Understanding Every Roofing System

Roofing systems are complicated and each one presents its own set of challenges. Knowing what the issues are becomes confusing.

Finding Honest Answers

Everyone involved is telling a different story. The contractor says the roof needs to be replaced. The ladder assist you hired says it’s only minor damage.

Dealing With Roof Salesmen

Roofing salesmen can be aggressive and escalate stress during the claims process. This hurts the company brand perception and makes it difficult to settle the claim.

Improper Information Leads To A Poor Claims Experience

Alliance provides independent roofing expertise and leak analysis services.

Claims are piling up.

As the claims pile up, your customers’ claims experience starts to suffer. Even though you’re getting plenty of information, you don’t know who to trust because all of the information is conflicting and seems to be self-serving.

The phone keeps ringing.

Because the claims are piling you up, you’re having trouble getting out of the forest of paperwork. It’s time-consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. To make matters worse, contractors and customers keep calling, but you don’t have any answers for them yet.

You can't do it all alone.

With so much piling up and so many people counting on you, getting everything done with quality in mind becomes increasingly difficult. You need a partner who provides independent roof consulting services focused on people, integrity, and knowledge.


How/where do I submit a project?

Projects can be submitted on our online form here. Please let us know what services you require on the project, and we will be in touch with you.

How much do you charge for an inspection?

We price all of our projects on a flat-fee basis to be established with you upfront. The fee will be determined by a variety of factors: location, roof-type, number of buildings and types of equipment needed. Further, the scope of services desired (e.g. CAD drawings, estimates, site verification and documentation, leak analysis, and extent of construction consulting) are taken into account.

Are you exclusively residential or commercial roof experts?

We provide expertise for both. We have inspected thousands of roofs and all types of roofing systems. We are equipped to handle all types of roof claims, including single dwelling family homes to large commercial and industrial properties and multi-building facilities.

Where have you worked?

We are a ntaional company and have worked in almost every state.

Do you work with Large-Loss and Catastrophe Claims?

We have worked with numerous large-loss and catastrophe roof claims. If you would like us to work with your large-loss and catastrophe teams, please contact our team.

Do you provide Umpire/Appraisal services?

Yes, on a selective basis we provide 3rd party umpire services. In these instances, we typically try to encourage all parties to resolve the claims before our services are required.

What happens after I submit a project?

Once we receive a project, our project coordinator will contact your client and let them know we have the assignment. A consultant will follow up with them and schedule the exact time and date we will inspect their property.

Do I need an engineer?

There is no formal study in the field of engineering or architecture that includes specific training on roofing. Professional registrations in the roofing industry done through RCI (Roof Consultants Institute). Our staff includes Registered Roof Observers and a former member of the RCI educational faculty. In addition, we have other training and certifications and have been court-tested on numerous projects. Feel free to check our team page here.

How do you interact with my client?

We make it a priority to interact with your clients at the highest professional level. Our philosophy is to “treat people the way you would want to be treated.”

How quickly do I receive my report?

Depending on the amount of services requested and after the completion of the inspection, reports can be turned around between 3-5 business days.

Do you provide any roof training for insurance adjusters?

Yes, we have provided 300+ training seminars for insurance adjusters, property managers, and building engineers.


Alliance provides independent roof inspections.


We provide the independent, expertise you need to make the decision to repair, replace, or do nothing with the roofing system.


Alliance Consulting & Testing provides construction consulting services.


We can ensure what property components have been damaged, verify building components, and write estimates so the claim can be settled fairly.


Alliance provides leak analysis to help you maintain your roof.


Clients complaining of leaks? Our team analyzes the building envelope to determine the cause of moisture intrusion.


Alliance is a roofing expert legal witness with a court-proven history.


When you need trial proven experts, we can provide the expertise to testify and provide quality analysis for deposition and trials.


Through roofing education and training, Alliance can help you learn more about your roof.


Education is a huge part of what we do. Our team would love to help you and your entire team learn more about roofing systems.


Through independent roof consulting services, Alliance helps you understand your roof.
Create a Better Claims Experience

With Alliance Consulting & Testing

Because Alliance Consulting & Testing doesn’t sell roofing materials or systems, we remain an independent, third party expert during the insurance claims process. Our services are specifically designed to put people first. By establishing communication with your customers early in the process, our team builds a relationship of trust. When we visit the jobsite, we explain what we’re looking for, what we find, and what that means for them and their roof. We even invite your customer’s contractor to climb on the roof with us. Setting proper expectations upfront allows us to build stronger relationships which reflects back on you and your brand.  

Reduce Stress

Settle Claims Fairly

Better Manage Reserves

Improve Brand Perception


For Your Claims Experience

Alliance provide detailed reports after a roof inspection.

Curious about our team of roof experts? Check out our sample reports so you can see how Alliance can support you.

Do you want help creating a better claims experience for your customers?